Triodyne Inc.'s Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Engineering Center provides  consulting and research services on safety and design investigations of highway and recreational vehicles; railroad, marine and aircraft equipment; material handling equipment; earthmoving and construction equipment; agricultural equipment; personnel lifting equipment; mining equipment; and forestry equipment.

Truck Accidents

  • Rollovers, Jackknives, and Collisions
  • Braking Performance, Steering and Wheel Failures
  • Vehicle Loading and Load Securement
  • Safety Management Issues

Accident Counter Measures

Car & Van Accidents

  • Collisions and Rollovers
  • Visibility and Conspicuity Issues
  • Seatbelt Issues
  • Failures and Fires
  • Pedestrian Impact

Motorcycle Accidents

  • Handling Issues
  • Design Issues
  • Conspicuity and Visibility Issues
  • Failures and Fires

Vehicle Testing

  • Materials and Componenet Testing
  • Simulated Accidents and Brake Testing
  • Blind Spot Mapping


  • Driving Safety
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Accident Investigation & Reconstruction


Research and Design
  • Blue Flame Land Speed Recordholder
  • Honda Hawk High Speed Motorcycle
  • Lamp Filament Test Data and Analysis
  • Safety Helmets and Child Safety Seats

Codes and Standards

  • U.S. Department of Transportation Contracts
  • U.S. Department of Energy Contracts
  • SAE Committee Involvement
  • ASME Committee Involvement

Safety and Analysis Manuals

Graphic Communications

  • Layout Drawings
  • Large Scale Color Exhibits
  • Scale Models
  • Video Animation
  • Photographic Enlargements

Accident Reconstruction

  • Identifying Evidence
  • Accident Site Aerial Photography
  • AutoCad, Mapping Layouts and Surveying
  • Tiremark Interpretation and Offtracking Analysis
  • Computer Simulation of Vehicle Accidents
  • Lamp Filament Analysis

Forensic Photography

  • Video and Microscopy
  • Aerial Photography of Accident Site
  • Photogrammetry
  • Digital Imagery
  • Image Enhancement
  • Special Topics




                   Mobile Vehicle Inspection Laboratory






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